Carla Mills (Photographer & Owner):

I can remember way back as a little girl of 7 years, my dad owning a film camera and often taking pictures of me, my siblings and his love of photographing flowers which made an everlasting impression on me.  In later years, long before Digital Moment Photography, I launched my photography career as a free-lance Natural Light Photographer. During this time I was running my own catering company and later on used photography in my estate agency business.  In 2004 I became a mum to a beautiful daughter named Michay.  Whilst she was still very young there was a turning point in my life when I decided to sell my other businesses and move to the beautiful Winelands in the Western Cape to start a new life.


Soon thereafter my side-line hobby became my full-time career and about came the birth of Digital Moment Photography Studios.  I opened my first studio in 2009, where I then could afford myself the opportunity to work in a well-equipped professional studio environment.  Early during 2013 I married my wonderful husband Clinton, who being invested in my career, built me a professional home studio enabling me to be both a career woman and an available mum to my talented young daughter.  In 2016 we completed a total refurbishing of the studio so that it can be used as both a Dance and Photography Studio.


Every time I shoot or edit a photo I smile, because I have captured a special moment of a soul or a creation and painted it with light to be remembered forever.  This moment will always be special, never exactly repeated and never quite the same.


Like in life, I have matured as a photographer by adapting to different situations daily.  From capturing the beauty of a new born baby to making those special memories of a bride last forever, and even making your visions and products come to life.  You can only learn this in the school of life…and with you I am still learning.